Project Gallery

<![CDATA[The Southern Illinois Ecoblast project gallery highlights the services we offer. While residential, industrial, and commercial epoxy flooring is our speciality, we have many other outstanding services.

Surface Prep and Concrete Grinding – Rejuvenate your damaged, dull or just plain boring concrete floor with surface prep and concrete grinding. Your concrete floors have never looked so good!

Media Blasting – We use a variety of materials to remove paint, grime, and many other substances from a large array of surfaces. Our media blasting is the fastest and most efficient way to get the results you desire.

Decorative Overlays – Truly a work of art, our decorative overlays transform even the most boring floor. You will be astounded at what our highly skilled technicians can create from a seemingly plain concrete block.

The floor you have always wanted is only a phone call or email away with Southern Illinois Ecoblast. Be sure and contact us today for more information.    


Reflector Floors

Acid Overlay

Flake Flooring

Integrate Color Overlay

Media Blasting